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Orphan children's aid project (OCAP) was founded in year 2000 by pastor and teacher William Mwessa, after the death of his wife. William was a widow remaining with one child. Rose Mukamuligilwa lived in the area near William. She just lost her husband and remained with four children. The day she could no longer afford to pay her rent, she went to William’s house to get help. He let Rose and her four children into his home. Soon William had problems providing for both families and he got the idea to make toy bicycles to earn a living. Very soon they had an income and this was the beginning to the project. Today William is the director of our project and Rose act as the matron. We have 43 children who live together in rented rooms near our main house. If you want to learn more about the children you can take a look at the pictures and descriptions of all the children. We also made a video with more information about our project and every day, which you can view from this facebook group. Please do take a look at our pictures, as they give you a broader view on how our orphanage is. The children are brought up as Christians and they all go to church every Sunday. We try to raise them as healthy and responsible children who have the power and ability to earn their own living when they grow up. We are trying to create a normal every day for the children where they are getting the time to play and be children but are also giving them house work. We are trying to create a routine for the children where they brush their teeth before they go to bed on a decent time every day. We survive on selling the bicycles we make, the donations we get and the few sponsors who have chosen to sponsor a child’s education. We still struggle to get enough money each term to send all our children to school. When they are not in school we make bicycles to earn money for food and school fees. You can find the children on the streets off.visit our facebook group:orphan children's aid project.


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  • Who we are

    Orphan Children’s Aid Project founded by Pastor William Mwessa, OCAP began in February 2000 after the death of his beloved wife remaining with one child and in the same time a sister lost her husband and remained with four orphans.

  • Donations

    We are so grateful to friends who have stood with us. We are still faced with other challenges in the following areas: Housing, Education, Skills, clothing, counsellling, food, etc. Click here to learn how you can partner with OCAPus.

  • Our Mission

    OCAP reaches around Kampala District to children in need of all faith to demonstrate Christ’ love (Agape). We emphasize child development starting basic assistance and leading to programs stressing self-help and eventual independence.

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