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Orphan Children's Aid Project Background

Orphan Children’s Aid Project founded by Pastor William Mwessa, OCAP began in February 2000 after the death of his beloved wife remaining with one child and in the same time a sister lost her husband and remained with four orphans. Care for orphans and abandoned children are one of the oldest forms of charity. It was originally carried out by the church. The Holy Spirit spoke to him; you can begin to care for the orphans, see you have one orphan and the four of your neighbour and that’s how the vision began.

OCAP was registered as a community based organization (CBO) reg. charity No. CCK/MAK/047/ Kampala District. Feb 2000, the home was established under the leadership of Pastor William Mwessa, as an expression of his desire to make visible and invisible reality of the Kingdom of God through giving children back their future. He started with the care of (5) five children (two girls and three boys), today he has approximately 52 children being supported.

We have a variety of strongly held views in this issue among our board members and together, we continued to seek God’s wisdom and desire for this vital area of children’s mission.

Project Vision
Striving as a team, we are creating a future of hope for children. We are renown for our compassion for orphans of all faiths and cultural backgrounds. We are inspired by Christ’s example of personal caring love.

Mission statement
OCAP reaches around Kampala District to children in need of all faith to demonstrate Christ’ love (Agape). We emphasize child development starting basic assistance and leading to programs stressing self-help and eventual independence.

To provide basic human needs: food, shelter, medical care, clothing, education and counseling to the little abandoned images of God.
To develop practical training skills through vocational training activities.
To carry out sensitization programs for the youth and the community about sexuality transmitted infection diseases (STI’s/STD’s) like HIV/AIDS.


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